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Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Jiatai CNC equipment Co., LTD。


Joint research and development of 3C glass automatic processing unit integrated control key technology development and application project with Huazhong University of Science and Technology;
It was selected as the first batch of pilot projects for the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry in the province;
Won the "gazelle" innovative enterprise in the field of Fujian digital Economy in 2021。


Independently developed a series of high-speed intelligent mask production equipment for epidemic prevention and control;
Developed vertical gantry machining center JT-GL1000, to meet the larger volume of 3C, automotive industry parts processing needs;
Developed five-axis glass processing machine JT-GL550-V to meet the processing needs of fine and complex parts with high precision and high surface finish;
Jiatai CNC NC-Link project acceptance successfully passed (the implementation of the project for China's CNC machine tool interconnection to establish a set of unified standards, the construction of China's intelligent factory, intelligent production promotion will bring a huge role in promoting);
JT-GL400A, a processing center for hard and brittle materials, was developed and accepted in Bern。


"Digital Factory" won the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industrial Internet APP excellent solution;
High speed drilling center JT-TL510A won the China Machine Tool Industry Association selected the top ten products quality;
Developed a series of CNC machine tools for 5G communication products such as base station filters;
Party building experience was selected as a Typical Case of Party building in Private Enterprises in the New Era by the Central Party School.
Become a member of the national machine tool numerical control system standardization Technical Committee, participate in the field of machine tool numerical control system national standard revision work;
Chairman Su Yasuai won the honorary title of "Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur of Fujian Machinery Industry in 40 years of reform and opening up"。


Awarded "2017 Fujian Province Demonstration Academician Expert Workstation";
Intelligent tool judgment based on intelligent sensor technology improves product yield and saves cost for users;
A complete set of glass automatic processing production line mature application;
Participate in the national Machine tool CNC system standardization technical committee, participate in the development of the review of CNC machine tool system national standards;
Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Inspur Group Co., LTD.
Participated in the "Inspur Cloud cross-industry and cross-field Industrial Internet platform test" project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;
The introduction of the original Bourne optical core technical team to improve the processing equipment and engineering application capabilities;
Won the first prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award;
Won the annual top ten high-growth technology enterprises honor;
The application of "digital factory" information software in Bourne Optics;
Jiatai CNC appeared in the CCTV News Broadcast about celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.
Invested and held Dongguan Jia Scientific Research Grinding Technology Co., LTD., breaking through the technical problems of various high-precision 3D ceramics, 3D glass back-polishing and high-precision polishing equipment;
Established Fujian Xinda New Material Technology Co., LTD., Quanzhou Jiarun New Material Technology Co., LTD., to provide customers with zirconia ceramics and other new material solutions。


Research and development and manufacture of ultrasonic machining center series products, to overcome the industry problems in the processing of brittle and hard new materials (to solve the processing problems of brittle and hard materials), breaking through the domestic monocrystalline silicon micropore processing difficulties;
"Digital factory" information software has been widely used in Gree Group, Ruisheng Technology and other enterprises;
Chairman Su Yasuai won the honorary title of "the third batch of provincial Leading Talents in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship";
Leading the same industry "digital factory" information software large-scale application in different customers processing equipment;
Mature application of high quality closed-loop, processing status monitoring and other technologies, to provide users with zirconia ceramic processing CNC overall solution;
Mature application of direct drive technology, successfully developed the turn-milling complex machining center, direct drive rotary table five-axis machining center, double-swing head five-axis machining center and other products;
Graphite machining center JT-GL400 and precision engraving and milling machining center JT-DG4040 mass production and sales;
Successfully hosted the Fujian Provincial staff numerical control skills Competition。


Jiatai numerical control "academician expert workstation" was unveiled and established;
The company was successfully listed in the national SME share transfer system;
R&d and manufacture of high-speed door machining center JT-GL550 series;
Set up a holding subsidiary, Fujian Jiatai Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.
1710 units were shipped to Ruisheng Technology, and the cumulative turnover exceeded 3.8亿元。


JT-AIT450, a high-speed intelligent drilling and tapping center of independently developed switching table, was born;
Robot intelligent automated production line mass production;
Independently developed CNC boring and milling machining center JT-HBM110/HBM130 series;
Develop and manufacture intelligent glass processing machine series。


The country's first "door type vertical five-axis machining center" mass production;
Chairman Su Yasuai won the honorary title of "the 15th Outstanding Entrepreneur of Fujian Province";
The first single contract (BYD Group signed 500 units) exceeded 1.3亿元。


The national first "single column five-axis gantry machining center" successfully developed;
Chairman Su Yasuai won the title of "Quanzhou Economic Figure of 2013"。


Jiatai CNC Industrial Park plant put into use。


Fujian Jiatai CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was established。


Invest in the construction of Jiatai CNC Industrial Park;
Independently developed double switching table horizontal machining center JT-HM500 was born。


Quanzhou Rixu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established to develop and manufacture high-speed spindle, CNC pentahedron, CNC AC vertical horizontal head, CNC five-axis and other functional components。


Independently develop and produce CNC indexing plates。


The first large-scale pentahedral gantry machining center JT-GL8246 came out。


The first gantry machining center JT-GH3227 was born。


The introduction of Taiwan technical team to develop large-scale gantry machining center series。


The first five-axis CNC machine tool was born;
Develop and manufacture vertical machining center series


Large vertical machining center XT-M1480 was born。


The engraving and milling machine XT-E6055 tailored for the domestic shoe and clothing manufacturing industry is delivered.
The first model XT-M8850 hard rail vertical machining center was born


The first vertical CNC milling machine MV-5 comes out。


The first independently developed CNC engraving and milling machine XT-E5040 was born。


The factory mainly produces various hardware products, molds and so on。

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